Who is Melena Wright Photography?


From Whitewater to Wedding Dresses

Melena Wright Photography started in 2013 out of a tool shed in Colorado.  Back then she was Melena Nicholson, or Mel, and whitewater rafting was her full time job.

Since 2013, Mel married her amazing husband Zack, after the two had chased their dreams as explorers all over the country. Working as rafting guides, kayakers, dishwasher, daycare coordinator, cyclists, skiers, and home renovators. The two have settled in Zack's hometown of Tulsa, with their two favorite dogs, Champ and Bruno. Zack teaches history at Union High School. Mel worked for a professional wedding photography company and a marketing agency until the start of 2017, when Mel went full-on entrepreneur. Leaving her full time job, Mel is now putting all her focus into growing Melena Wright Photography.

Prior to her professional work as a photographer, Mel received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Learning from some of the most intellectual photographers, Mel focused on photojournalism, advanced printing techniques, studio photography, retouching, videography, experimental printing techniques, and environmental studies. 

Contact: melenawright@gmail.com