Fall. Fall. Fall!!! 2017

I am so excited for Fall 2017. It is going to be magnificent! Mostly because of the change in the air and the leaves, and the wonderful fact that I am swamped with shoots! That is super rad to me as I really like what I do, which is Photography! 

The leaves are changing. It is September 26th and it is mostly green in Oklahoma. We just had a week of 90-something degree weather and now it is 70 degrees, cloudy, drizzly, and the leaves have hints of gold, bronze, and muddy brown. It is no Michigan Fall, but it is a beautiful season none the less. Orange mums bloom and jolly pumpkins sit around store fronts and houses. Sweaters came out today and soon it will be boots and gloves and scarves and hats. The days will be shorter and the nights colder. Windows will certainly open at our house. It's good to let a little stale air out and fresh air in. I just love the fresh air, the breeze, the rustle sounds, the smell of rain and leaves. The sight of the stars and moon and first morning light. You just don't feel hear smell those things from inside. Don't get me wrong I also love the sound of music and the smell of what's cooking on the stove and the cool AC on a hot day. But I love the outdoors, and I cannot wait to see how the environment changes here in Oklahoma. 

Also really hoping we get a freezing cold winter to help kill the fleas, ticks, mosquitos in Oklahoma!!!!!!!

We are going camping in less than a month! Really looking forward to it as it is probably the last camping trip of the year! And the leaves should be sweet. Hopefully there will be a crystal clear, blue sky day with bushy auburn Oaks blanketing the rolling hills as you travel south through the heart of Oklahoma. Zack and I also talk a lot about going to Mt. Scott again, which is so gorgeous in it's own dry desert hills kind of way. I am so excited because I love taking new pictures and we are going to go to these places and hike and bike and take some sunset photos. I love Photography. I don't know how I got here sometimes, but I Thank God for giving me a gift as such good eyesight, I mean having two eyes that have 20/20 vision. It's something I do not take for granted and often think about how life would change completely, not necessarily for the worse, if I did not have the blessing of good eye sight. Now that I say that my eyesight will probably start to get worse. But I think looking through a view finder is better than looking at a computer screen so much. I should try to go back to film. Build a Darkroom, buy a Medium Format Camera, have a studio in the woods. I'm just tumbling  deep into a rabbit hole now. 


Anyways super excited for FALL!



View from the top steps of the Art Museum - Like from Rocky!

View from the top steps of the Art Museum - Like from Rocky!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Home of the Philly Cheese Steak, City of Brotherly Love. Where Rocky sprinted up the steps of the Art Museum. This steamy July, Zack and I rode bikes around the town to get a good feel for the city, and of course because that is what we do. We ride bikes. It really is our preferred method of transportation. It gets the blood pumping and lets you soar like a bird down paved hills and bridges. We soared through Philly on a warm Tuesday summer day. Peddled up the Ben Franklin Bridged and sailed into New Jersey. Hovering over the broad blue Delaware River, watching the clouds drift by. It was a magnificent view of both Jersey and Philly from there. 

Then we got out a handy bike map my sister lended us, with all the bike routes in the city and of course historical land marks. We made our way to Independence Hall and saw the first standing Methodist Church in America, erected in 1763. We found the oldest residential street in America, Elfreth's Alley, with one house dating back to 1703. Elfreth's Alley was made of two rows of Town houses, three stories high on each side. Each home was about 11 or 12 feet wide. With painted shutters and American flags hanging from the old red bricks. One house even had the Union Jack luffing in the wind.  You really have to be there to appreciate how well preserved this historical street was. I mean it's older than probably 99% of the rest of the buildings still standing in this great country.

Then Zack and I toured across downtown to the Art Museum where we too ran up the steps like Rocky. Pausing at the top to take a selfie and admire city hall way across town. What a beautiful city to take your time and tour it by bike. We went a little ways from the museum to find a beautiful trail along the Schuokall River. Pronounced (Skoo-Kle) We noticed many brightly painted murals in the city and many historical signs. Pubs and trendy restaurants. Beer gardens that pop up around town at different parks. The city is known for its look of row houses that extend for blocks and miles throughout the city. Homes that were erected quickly and cheaply for the city's once prominent blue collar workers now being sold for half a million or more. 

We chose to ride the city bikes in Philly. They were definitely a little cumbersome, but some of the best city bikes I have been on. And there were plenty of bike stations to return the bikes to if we wanted to get off and walk around for a while. Philadelphia is definitely an amazing, iconic, American city, well worth your time to explore and eat and drink and ride bikes in!